We focus on finding and connecting you with your ideal busienss partner who will potentially buy your produts.

Business partner search

If you have a firm idea of your products or services and have made a decision of where and how you would like to sell them, you can rely on us to seek market partners and customers. Professional contact and that “first impression” can be very important: its significance and appearance may vary culturally. We know the markets that we cover and we will find the most promising clients for you and put you on the road of successful soliciting.

The tailor-made data base will show sectors that may include business partners for our client. Our colleagues will contact these companies in order to present our client’s services and/or products to them with the help of the previously prepared business offer. Our colleagues working in the target country are of great help in visiting the companies – they have sufficient knowledge and experience in relationship building. The aim of the process is to raise potential partners’ interest and make appointments with companies with serious interests, where opportuities will open to negotiate details and conditions.