Transport and logistics

Our support guarantees you have a well prepared physical market entry, using the ideal routes, carried out by professional partners.

  • We help you with the preparation and submission of transport documentation
  • We advise you on logistics and warehouse-related issues
  • We connect you with professional logistics partners
  • We keep contact between you and the recipient while the shipment is underway


We are present on a large number of markets outside the Europen Union, in countries which apply customs to products coming from the EU. We provide the following customs-related services to facilitate trade:

  • General information on customs, calculation of tariffs to be applied
  • Preparation of customs-related documents
  • Connecting you with customs brokers, keeping contact for the duration of the customs procedure
  • Keeping contact with the customs office

Permits and licenses

Countries of the CIS use a different system of licenses to European countries. Therefore companies wishing to export have to manage the necessary documents. Being experts of this topic we make this procedure transparent and as smooth as possible.

  • Based on the data provided we present you the procedure of acquiring the necessary permits
  • We assist you in preparing the necessary documents
  • We keep contact with the relevant authorities

Another topic worth mentioning are the sanctions currently affecting the trade betwen Europe and Russia. A wide range of food products and so-called “”products of dual use”” currently cannot be exported to Russia. Based on the customs tariff numbers we provide you up-to-date information on whether your products are sanctioned.