Organising and managing fairs, representation

If your potential customer base is too wide or numerous but easily defined and locally accessible, we suggest you participate in trade fairs. Your success is based on the location, time, preparation of participants, related communication materials, selection and handling of samples. We provide you with full-scale project management. We assess and boost local interest for you.

A brief note about how we work

First, it is worth defining the aim of participation at the fair. What expectations do we have and what are the customers’ expectations? Market evaluation? Presenting a new product? Observing competitors? Based on earlier visitor statistics and on prior experience we recommend the best trade fairs to our customers to participate at. We refine the characteristics of representation, define the presence and set the budget. Budgeting must include the key elements of travel, accommodations, rent, construction costs, applied marketing tools and the like. Checklists, itineraries and detailed client lists will ensure smooth operation and that nothing and no-one is forgotten before, during and after the fair. We track order processes at the specification of stands, reservation of transport and travel, or local services (hostessing, print, transport). We provide overall support during the event. We document contacts and prospects to ensure future future business contacts. We facilitate settlement with suppliers and sub-contractors. We close the project with a report and a joint assessment.

Keeping contact before and after trade fairs

Contrary to popular belief the success of trade fair representation depends only to a smaller degree on good installation and professional hostesses but mainly on provocatively luring prospects by preliminary client discovery and invitation. Collecting business cards at the event is the bare minimum. You are able to gather more about visitors and their needs with a well structured questionnaire so it is well worth collecting more data apart from contact details. It is worth setting up, developing and processing professional databases with the help of experts before fairs.