We carry out our market analyses in a focused way to answer the relevant questions.

  • – What are the main market conditions?
  • – What are the rules and regulations?
  • – Which players are already present on the market?
  • – What are the prices for competitive products?
  • – How will my products be successful on the new market?
  • – Who are my potential customers?

The primary factor of market research is to reveal information that are relevant to our client’s entry to the market. Another important factor is that the company can use the gained knowledge to be built in to its development strategy, thus contributing to the company’s increased competitiveness.

For developing a strategy to enter the market it is indispensible to find a thoroughly and well defined market niche and to define the client’s competitiveness. Based on the assessment of local characteristics of the given market segment and the mapping of competition, we define our client’s position among competitors operating in the country in question in accordance with preliminary discussed criteria. We do not only highlight the company’s prices and drawbacks compared to the competition but we also assist in defining and emphasising advantages to which it is essential to draw future partners’ attention in order to gain sufficient interest and to further advance. If there are companies with similar activities in the targeted region, we map the competition’s activities and discover market niches and unutilised opportunities.”